Company Profile

Who We Are

MHK Consultants Inc. has been providing our clients with wide-range IT and accounting solutions since 1991. Our ideology revolves around delivering quality-oriented IT solutions based on our knowledge and experience. We are also construction specialists, providing accounting and job-costing solutions utilizing the latest technological systems, tools, innovations, and programs.

Our Strengths

To meet the objectives and goals of our clients, we put our best foot forward in attracting reputable consultants from both the technology and accounting fields. We aim at providing cost-effective IT services, job costing, and accounting solutions that fulfill and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Accounting and Job Costing Solutions

We understand that every business is different, requiring their own unique infrastructure. After meeting with you and analyzing your needs, we will recommend proven procedures and best practices, and offer an accounting and job costing solution tailored for you.

Network Design

MHK provides error and interruption-free network systems for both on-site and hosted network infrastructures. We deploy our experienced consultants to identify, analyze, and configure your network to ensure everything seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure.


Understanding the sensitivity of our client’s data, we offer security solutions that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to internal data and devices. Taking it a step further, we include the industry’s best anti-virus and internet security package alongside our fully managed service plan.


Rest assured you will always receive the best support available, no matter how simple or complex the issue. With over 75 years of combined experience, our support is second to none. Multiple accounting and technology vendors certify our consultants, and our Continuing Professional Education Program allows us to stay ahead of everyone else.

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